The way to Make a Three Rail Shot in Pocket Billiards

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The cue ball is sitting within the nook pocket and the ball I’m capturing at, the item ball, is sitting within the reverse nook pocket on the identical brief rail. There are a number of different pool balls in between, so a 3 rail shot is critical to make the item ball within the nook pocket.

Say the top of the desk the place I’m standing (the place the cue ball and object ball are) is the top, the opposite finish is the foot. I will likely be counting the diamonds and pockets from the foot to the top. I’ll present you tips on how to discover the spot on the opposite aspect of the desk (the place to hit the primary rail) by subtracting the variety of the connecting diamond to the item ball, from the cue ball place quantity.

First, to determine the place variety of the cue ball, depend from the nook pocket on the foot to the cue ball within the nook pocket on the head. When counting for the cue ball, depend 1½, 2, 2½, 3, and so forth. The primary diamond can be 1½, ending with 5 for the nook pocket. So the place quantity for the cue ball is 5.

Second, discover the variety of the connecting diamond to the nook pocket the place the item ball is sitting. When counting for the item ball, or discovering connecting diamonds, depend in full numbers. The connecting diamond for diamond #1, is diamond #7 on the alternative rail. The thing ball is sitting within the nook pocket, which is #8, so the connecting diamond, due to this fact, is #2 on the alternative rail. Subtract 2 from 5 and also you get 3. So counting from the foot of the desk on the rail you’re capturing at, you come to diamond #3.

As a result of it’s a lengthy rail, shoot by the diamond. This implies drawing an imaginary line going by diamond #Three and capturing at that spot on the sting of the rail that lies alongside the imaginary line to the diamond. Bear in mind, on lengthy rails shoot by the diamond, on brief rails shoot on the diamond.

Final of all, shoot arduous as a result of it has to hit three rails and have sufficient momentum left to contact the item ball (watch out to not miscue). Use slightly excessive left English as a result of the shot goes to the left and since contacting a couple of rail tends to place English, or slightly spin, on the cue ball.

When attempting this shot you will notice that you’re capturing throughout the desk hitting the spot close to diamond #3, the cue ball then hits the brief rail on the foot of the desk, then hits the opposite lengthy rail at diamond #2, and at last travels throughout towards the nook, pocketing the item ball. Voila! This methodology is virtually foolproof and straightforward to recollect.

Completely satisfied capturing all people!

Patti Aragon, aka Eight Ball Outlaw

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